Monday, March 25, 2019

On My Kindle - Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann


A tumble into the water and a nasty bump on the head render our heroine without a memory. She emerges out of the mountains of Kauai and meets a caring islander, Monica "Nica" Pierce.

Cameron "Kai" Pierce investigates all manner of fraud on the mainland. When his sister sends him an S.O.S. about her unexpected guest, he flies back to help her out. Jade, as his sister has dubbed the woman, is an enigma he is determined to either expose or protect. Whatever happens with her, his sister's safety is paramount.

Wow! This story took off from the first page and kept me riveted. I've read many of the author's books and always savored the mix of mystery, suspense, danger, and romance. Freefall delivered on all counts.

5 Stars for this book!

Writers:  Have you crafted stories with multiple elements? Please share.

Readers:  Many books stay with one element like romance, Sci-Fi, etc. Others combine elements. For example: Historical romance is popular. What's your favorite genre/genre combo?

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