Friday, September 21, 2018

Self-Publishing/Finish Writing/Vote/Devo/Fall Recipe

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1.  With so many authors self-publishing, I thought this piece by Jane Friedman might provide useful insights on what mistakes to avoid.

2.  Are you struggling with finishing your work in progress? Bryan Hutchinson, at Positive Writer, talks about, "How To Get Past Excuses and Finish Your Writing."

3. Breaking Christian News reported on Dr. James Dobson's urgent call for Christians to vote in the upcoming elections or face losses of freedom as seen in Canada.

4. Maria Morgan asks, "Are you distracted?" We're so accustomed to multi-tasking that we've forgotten how to focus on what's important.

5. With summer heat giving way to cooler temperatures, many of us are thinking about baking again. I found this recipe at Food Network for Apple Crisp, and thought you might like to try it. Happy eating!

Writers:  What did you take away from Jane Friedman's post on self-publishing mistakes to avoid?

Readers:  Does the desire to bake hit you when the weather is cool? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Aleksey Lisovsky

1 comment:

quietspirit said...

I enjoyed the post on Jane Friedman's website. I need to go back an read it when I have more time. The apple crisp recipe sounds yummy. But, I won't be able to try it. Oats don't like me.
I haven't read James Dobson's post yet. I am in a quandary about the upcoming election.