Friday, August 31, 2018

Deep POV/Novel Pacing/Recall/Devo/

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1.  Lisa Hall-Wilson, at Beyond the Basics, talks about how to get inside your characters' heads and make readers care. There are some interesting quotes from Ted Dekker.

2.  Yup, this is Lisa Hall-Wilson week here at Christian Writer/Reader Connection. In this post, she talks about the Pace of Your Novel. This is one I'll have to read multiple times to fully absorb.

3.  Breaking Christian News announced a recall of Lane Cedar Chests. 14 Children have suffocated to death after being trapped in them. If you have one in your home, whether an heirloom or newer, please read this post for information and instructions.

4.  Adelee Russell, at Rewritten talks about, "How Far Will You Go?" When God is moving you to take a step of faith, will you do it?

5.  As a reader, I sometimes come across a word or phrase that startles me. "Did they even use that terminology in this time period?" I had a question this week about the phrase, "piece of work." It was used in a derogatory sense. I looked it up online and found a website, Word, that answered my question.

Writers and Readers:  Which link was your favorite this week and why?

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quietspirit said...

Susan: I liked the Adelee Russell post. Your link to Word Detective isn't working.