Friday, April 27, 2018

Social Media Safety/Memoir/Starving/Devo/Declutter

1.  Most of us are active on social media. In these dangerous times, it's important to take common-sense precautions to keep ourselves safe. Did you know that the pictures you post can have information on your location? Check out this article at The Write Conversation.

2.  Here's a rare post on writing a memoir. Cyndy Etler, at Jane Friedman's blog, shows us how to help the reader "live it."

3.  Breaking Christian News reports that Oregon passed a radical bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death. The abortion culture has opened a Pandora's Box of death.

4.  Dena Netherton's devotion called, "Cactus Underwear of Cascade Mountain Lake," focuses on being thankful.

5.  Spring cleaning time is here. Lamberts Lately is a cleaning/declutter blog. In this post she gives a list of things you can purge right now.

Writers and Readers:  What precautions do you take to protect yourselves on social media? Please share.

Photo Credit: Davide Guglielmo


quietspirit said...

A friend of mine was excited about going to a spiritual retreat. She would be working there as a part of the presenting team. She had posted her plans on social media. Her oldest daughter was going to check on my friend's dog while she was gone. When the daughter pulled up in front of the house, her mother's dog was outside. Then she noticed the front door was standing open.
My friend's apartment had been burglarized. The culprits took a computer. This tells me NEVER to say where we are going. The rule of thumb is to tell where we have been.

Jean Fischer said...

I'm always super careful when I accept a friend request. He/she has to have many mutual friends before I'll accept the request. Also, I keep most of my posts private, and if I post that I'm somewhere it's likely that I'm not there when I post. If I have a location to share, I post that I've been there after I'm back home.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Quiet Spirit - Yes, I've seen people post details of an upcoming trip - so unwise these days. It's always best to share where you've been rather than where you're going.

Hi Jean - With so many hackers out there, I always check my friend list to see if the person is already a friend. I also delete all requests from men unless I know them personally or I'm familiar with their writing.

Thanks, Ladies, for sharing your thoughts!