Friday, February 3, 2017

Advanced Tips/Dialect/Free Speech/Loneliness/Winter Safety

1.  Laura Drake, at Writers in the Storm, gives some advanced writing tips. Her examples help illustrate what she's teaching. It's an article that you might want to bookmark and reread more than a few times.

2.  At one time or another, every writer wants to communicate the dialect/accent of their characters. Chip MacGregor, of MacGregor Literary, talks about writing effective dialogue without distracting your readers.

3.  Public universities are designating areas as, "free speech zones." Not long ago, students were threatened with arrest over a beach ball with a message. Our freedoms are under attack. Raising awareness is the first step toward protecting them.

4.  Dr. MaryAnn Diorio wrote an excellent blog post on how to get free of the secret sorrow of loneliness.

5.  Winter Safety Tips from Did you know floor mats could get you out of a dangerous situation? Veggies are not only good to eat but can fight frost on your car.

Writers:  What was your favorite tip on writing dialect/accents? Please share.

Readers:  Dr. MaryAnn Diorio made several points about loneliness. Which one spoke to your heart and why?

Photo Credit:  Jyn Meyers

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