Friday, January 20, 2017

Symbolism/Prevent Burnout/Genetic Engineering/No Limits/Recipe

1.  Jonathan Vars guest posts at The Procrastiwriter on the subject of symbolism placeholders and how to use them in your writing.

2.  Jennifer Louden guest posts at Writers In The Storm. She talks about the ever-present demands of writing and how to keep from burning out.

3.  We've seen an increasing number of articles on bio-engineering. WND reports on "Genetic Engineering - Who Cleans Up the Mess?"

4.  Beth K. Vogt guest posts at The Write Conversation on the subject of No Limits. I'd like more people with this attitude around me. :)

5.  Okay, so I'm on a recipe kick. This is a main dish - One-Pot Cheesy-Italian-Pasta-Chicken. Yeah, I thought you'd be interested. :)

Writers:  How do you keep from getting writer burnout?

Readers:  What did you think of the devotional, "No Limits?"

Photo Credit:  Robert Owen-Wahl


quietspirit said...

Susan: I take breaks from writing. Jennifer Brown Banks had a blog post on ways to keep our writing fresh. One of the points she made was to take *planned* blog breaks. I enjoyed the article about "No Limits." One reason I like our pastor's messages and his Bible studies is that what he says makes me think. We need more like him in the pulpits.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Quiet Spirit - Yes, planned blog breaks are great. We both know about the unplanned ones - due to illness or injury. It's taken me quite a while to bounce back from the broken wrist. Thank God, I'm finally getting back in my groove.