Monday, February 2, 2015

Are You Somebody?

Freedom. It's something most of us in the U.S. take for granted. Yet all over the world people are enslaved in the Human Trafficking trade. Yes, I capitalized it because it's a huge problem.

My friend, Susan Panzica, is the founder of The Justice Network, based in New Jersey. Her goal is to raise awareness and do whatever she can to help those in the clutches of modern-day slave traders.

Susan blogs at Eternity Cafe and Circles of Faith. She wrote a special post in January for Human Trafficking Month. I hope you'll pop over there and read it.

My books speak about freedom and what it would be like without it. If we ignore the plight of others, we might find ourselves faced with that reality. You may not think you can do much to alleviate the suffering, but you are somebody - somebody who cares.

Writers: How can you use your writing gift to raise awareness about the needs of others?

Readers:  Have you heard much about Human Trafficking?

Photo Credit:  Anitab0000


Anonymous said...

I have heard of human trafficking and surprised how it happens within even our own countries of the US and Canada. Awareness for issues such as these is important and glad writers blog about them. It does make a difference!

Karen Lange said...

I have been meaning to stop by Susan's site for a while now. Thanks so much for the reminder! :)

quietspirit said...

Susan: Thank you for the link to Circles of Faith. I found Susan's statistics intriguing.