Friday, September 19, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Stretch those hamstring muscles. Put on those running shoes, and let's get on the Internet Road.

1.  Jody Hedlund writes historical romances. She addresses the question of how important talent is in reaching success as a writer.

2.  Jean Fischer, from Something To Write Home About, gives an encouraging word to writers waving bye-bye to their youth.

3.  Martha, at Martha's Favorites, calls herself, "A Serial Collector." She loves teacups, which I also enjoy. This post shows some of her recent finds. Unfortunately, the giveaway is probably over by now, but I thought you might like to explore her website.

Writers and Readers:  Which link was your favorite this week and why?

Photo Credit:  MEJones


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susan .. hamstring - where's that? running shoes - what are those?!!

I know we just need to get on with things and have that balance in life ..

Too many tea-cups could be an interesting china collection to set a bull in ...

My favourite links recently have been the supportive bloggers supporting Tina's family after her sudden death, and helping Melissa with her Anthology re her dreaded Cancer ...

Cheers Hilary

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Hilary -

The hamstring is a muscle in your lower leg.

Thanks for popping by. Always good to see you.

Susan :)

Jean Fischer said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, Susan!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jean -

You're welcome.

Susan :)