Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Link Found

No, I'm not talking about the so-called, "missing link." Rather, an article on World Net Daily reveals another link between Isaiah 9:10 and the horrible events of 9/11.

Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger discovered that the daily reading for September 11th in the One Year Bible included Isaiah 9:10 for 16 years prior to 9/11 and the 13 years since then. My late husband read daily from The One Year Bible, so I grabbed it and looked up September 11th. Sure enough, there was Isaiah 9:10.

The Moses Conspiracy, was not meant to be prophetic. I wrote it as more of a "what if" scenario. Many people waved it off as an impossible. Yet, much of what I'm reading makes me wonder if it's really so far off the mark.

If you have any interest in Bible prophecy, this article is a must read. Here's the link:

Writers and Readers: I'd be interested in your thoughts on the article.

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Karen Lange said...

As I read Moses, I wondered the same thing. You may be closer to the truth than you thought!

Diane Estrella said...

I think your book was "scary" because it is a very possible future. We think we've come so far along moralistically but, not so much.