Friday, February 1, 2013

On My Nightstand - Soul's Gate by James L. Rubart

After years running from his destiny, Reece Roth finally relents and accepts God's direction. He handpicks a group of disciples to train in the art of battling for hurting souls. The very thought makes him tremble because of a ghastly experience.

He gathers the participants at a secluded ranch in Colorado. They discover a spiritual dimension foreign to all they've ever known. Will they press on or bail out of the training? More importantly, will Reece persevere and overcome his own haunting memories?

James L. Rubart, a best-selling author, once again proves himself a master of Christian Speculative Fiction. If you like books that delve into the spiritual world (not occult), this will fit the bill. I zipped through it in, "this is a great book time."

Soul's Gate is the first book in a series, but is a stand-alone novel. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Everyone: What are your thoughts/opinions on Christian Speculative Fiction?


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Hhmmm,not my thing really.
But I remember you doing more previews of Robart's books, thanks Susan. Have a good weekend, enjoy!

Jim Rubart said...

So glad you liked it, Susan!

Hi, Marja. I get that it's not everyone's kind of book. :) But I will say I've had a surprising number of readers tell me it's not the kind of book they would normally read but ending up loving it.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Marja -

Jim's first book, Rooms, caught my attention, and I've read every one of his books since then.

I think as long as you view Christian Speculative Fiction as fiction and not as gospel truth you can enjoy the story.

Susan :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jim,

I'm glad you liked the review. To me, you're right up there with Peretti.

Susan :)

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for the review, Susan. I should give one of Mr. Rubart's books a try one of these days! :-)