Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Round-Up - #184

Laurel Garver, at Laurel's Leaves, administers a cure for run-on sentences.

Writers: Do you need this remedy? What's your favorite way to break up long sentences?

Readers: How do you feel about long sentences that make you run out of breath?

Have a blessed weekend!


Karen Lange said...

Laurel's posts are always helpful, aren't they? Will have to hop over and check it out. Thanks for sharing the link.

I don't usually have problems with run on sentences. I think I correct enough of my teen students' ones that I refrain. :)

Happy weekend,

Cindy R. Wilson said...

I used to be terrible with run-on sentences, but that was also back when I wrote a different genre. I think I tried too hard to write nice description and it took some training to realize I could still write pretty prose without being so wordy. Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

I don't care for long sentences, because I have to read them over and over to understand what they mean. I think shorter sentences are clearer.

Jean Fischer said...

I don't mind long well-written sentences, but it takes skill to write one. I've seen this example on several blogs. It was written by author Dave Eggers:

I fly past the smaller shops, past the men drinking wine on the benches, past the old men playing dominoes, past the restaurants and the Arabs selling clothes and rugs and shoes, past the twins my age, Ahok and Awach Ugieth, two very kind and hardworking girls carrying bundles of kindling on their heads, Hello, Hello, we say, and finally I step into the darkness of my father’s stores, completely out of breath.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - They're not a huge problem for me either.

Hi Cindy - Yes, it took me awhile to learn that less is more. :)

Hi Nancy - I don't mind some long sentences, but I'll pass on a steady diet of them.

Hi Jean - Wow! Did that set a world record?

Susan :)