Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Round-Up - #12

Woohoo! The Labor Day Weekend is almost here. Since everyone in my office deserted ship, I'm working a full day today.

My travels across the Internet this week have yielded some super duper articles. One blogger featured a test called, "What Font Are You?" You can discover your "font type" at In case you're interested, I came up as an Andale Mono, which means I'm a geek, pure and simple. I'm not so sure I like that moniker, but the description sure fits. One of my requirements for this blog was an easy-to-read font.

Literary Agent, Rachelle Gardner, posted about the editorial process. Do you want to know what happens when a publishing house editor reviews your manuscript? Take a stroll over to her blog and see.

Edit Cafe ran an article yesterday on, "12 Steps To Successful Book Signings." Even if you're a pre-published author like me, it's a file-for-future-reference item.

Enjoy the weekend! I'll be posting as usual on Monday.

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