Friday, August 23, 2019

Reviews/Marketing Myths/Chick-fil-A/Speakers/Drying Herbs

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1.  Amazon reviews affect readers' buying decisions. How do you get those reviews for your book? Check out Penny Sansevieri's article at Jane Friedman's blog.

2.  Lisa Hall Wilson talks about 6 Marketing Myths That Harm Fiction Writers. The Internet and the publishing industry seem to be changing at warp speed. Methods that were the gold standard years ago do not necessarily apply today. Check out her post.

3.  Faithwire tells how Chick-fil-A almost shut down in the 1980's. See what turned their business into a success. They are now the third largest restaurant chain.

4.  Yvonne Ortega posts at The Write Conversation on Spiritual Preparation for Speakers. Whether you're an author, minister, teacher, or counselor, this article can benefit you.

5.  If you use herbs in your cooking, you might like this article on how to dry them without sacrificing flavor. The Backyard Garden Lover gives several methods that produce excellent results.

Writers:  Which marketing myths surprised you? Please share.

Readers:  Do you review books on Amazon or other sellers? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Ana Labate

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