Monday, March 11, 2019

Turn the Volume Up

Public Address System

When I'm alone on a long drive, listening to a CD makes it less boring. In the winter, the engine noise and heater combine to blot out the sound. If I want to hear the content, I have to turn the volume up a notch or two.

I've noticed the noise of the world around me makes it hard to hear the voice of the Lord. Ah, time to turn the volume up. There are no dials or other gizmos that I can turn, so how do I accomplish this?

1.  Pray and ask the Lord to speak to me. It doesn't stop there, I need to have ears listening for His answers.

2.  Regular time spent in the Word increases my sensitivity. I'm giving Him my attention.

3.  Listening to anointed preachers, and teachers of the Word is another way to hear His voice. I've been pouring my heart out about a certain subject, and all of a sudden there are people talking about that very thing. Their teaching clarified and gave me the answers I needed.

4.  Ordinary conversations with other believers can shine a light on a problem or an attitude needing adjustment.

5.  Often a word or phrase from the Bible will jump out at me. As I focus on them and study further, light dispels the darkness.

As a writer, I've often run into a seemingly impenetrable story wall. Where do I go from here? Worry and wringing my hands didn't solve these difficulties. I've learned to take a break, pray and ask the Lord for direction. Many times I've dreamed or received the answer coming out of sleep.

I've been on a hiatus from writing. Burnt out, discouraged, and ready to throw in the proverbial towel, it seemed impossible to get beyond this dry time. Wishing things were different, yet remaining passive, have not and will not work. There have been many false starts. 

As I've made a quality decision and turned the volume up, my spirit and soul are drinking deeply from the water of the Word. It's taking some time, but the inspiration and desire to write are coming back.
Writers and Readers: What are some ways the Lord speaks to you in your daily life?

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Jean Fischer said...

He often speaks to me through my writing, providing a topic or idea that gets me digging deeper until I find it meaningful to something I've been wondering or praying about.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Excellent insights, Susan. Thanks for the reminders.
When I get dry, I sometimes write whatever pops into my brain, no matter how silly it sounds. I give myself permission to simply write and delete it if it's junk. Sometimes I discover a hidden story in my ramblings, other times I'm just venting on the screen. Either way, I'm writing. And that's a good thing.

Lynn J Simpson said...

Turning up the volume to hear God isn't always easy in our noisy world! Sometimes, God just wants us to rest from the striving, I think. I know I've had to let myself off the hook numerous of times when beating myself up over feeling like I wasn't doing enough writing. I kind of feel that way now. Yet, it's also paying attention to what He wants me to focus on at this time which might be cooking more healthier, or spending time reading blogs, or coming up with new activities for my grandchildren, and of course, always diving deeper to get to know Him better!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Thanks for your comment, Jean. I'm discovering reading blogs and looking through Pinterest help jumpstart my creativity.

Hi Jeanette - Yes, I'm learning that I don't have to be doing serious writing to get the words flowing. It puts too much pressure on me, and I get brain freeze.

Hi Lynn - So true. While many writers thrive on music while writing, I need quiet. My comment to Jeanette addresses the striving aspect and how it can put a kink in the creativity hose. I'm taking more time to explore other interests, and it's helping me stay attuned to His voice and live in His peace.