Monday, January 30, 2017

New to Me

Even the most exhausting task can become routine. For example: going to the laundromat. I'm thankful the one I used for years is right down the street. Still, the weekly ordeal of loading the car, unloading, getting everything into washers and later dryers, waiting, reloading the car, and then unloading the car at home makes me huff and puff.

I began to think there was no other way to do this chore or that it could never be different because of circumstances. My way of thinking changed gradually.

1.  I broke my wrist last June. Reduced to doing things with one hand (my left - not my dominant right hand) made lugging a laundry basket impossible. Duffle bags provided the solution. They worked so well I continued using them after my wrist healed.

2.  My house is old and the plumbing sometimes presented difficulties. When thinking about getting a washing machine, all kinds of negative thoughts popped up. My neighbor's parents were upgrading to new appliances. He was in charge of finding a new owner for their used washer and dryer.

I showed him the area, presented all my concerns, and he reassured me everything would work out fine. The new-to-me washer and dryer are now in my basement and functioning with no problem. I no longer to drag everything to the laundromat in all kinds of weather.

3.  The laundromat was expensive, but now I'm spending a fraction of what it cost me to do laundry.

There are other areas of my life I've grown to accept as "just the way things have to be." How often does God want to bless me, and I hesitate to obey Him? Is it fear of the unknown or concern I'll fail if I try something new?

It's time to gain a greater perspective. God's perspective - about my writing, about my spiritual walk, about my job, and about the future.

Writers and Readers:  What areas of your life have you come to accept as unchangeable? Please share your thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Why?


Linda O'Connell said...

I remember dragging loads of laundry and two little children to the laundromat. I am forever grateful for my in home washer and dryer. I know you are, too.

quietspirit said...

Susan: Enjoy your new-to-me conveniences. You deserve them. Over the years I have done the laundry mat routine. For several years, I have had the privilege of having washer-dryer (unmatched) in our basement. When I was in the rehab center, Hubby had to run them "every day" to keep up with the backlog. As we were preparing to go on vacation the washer said, "Enough is enough!" and died. Those trips to the laundry mat were time-consuming, expensive and hard on an old woman walking with a cane. We got back in the groove and purchased a new washer.

Karen Lange said...

Sometimes we just get in our own way, don't we? :) Well, as long as we are open to learning and growing and moving forward. Blessings!