Friday, October 21, 2016

Opening Lines/Marketing Secrets/Movies/Celebration/Thrifting

1.  Do you want to hook your reader? Zoe M. McCarthy instructs us to look for the mystery in the opening line of our books.

2.  Wow! Edie Melson delivers some great book marketing secrets. Check them out here.

3.  Did you see The Passion of the Christ? Christian Headlines reports Mel Gibson's next project may be a sequel, covering the resurrection.

4.  Dena Netherton celebrates an answer to a 40-year prayer.
5.  For all the collectors out there, A La Carte shares her Friday Finds. So much fun to see what she found thrifting!

Writers:  What was your favorite book marketing secret?

Readers:  Are you a movie buff? What did you think of Mel Gibson's plan to do a movie on the resurrection?

Photo Credit:  Debbie Schiel


Karen Lange said...

Thanks for the links, Susan. Have a great weekend! :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Wow, Susan, you have such a wonderful selection. For your readers. Thank you.