Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On My Nightstand - Who Do I Lean On? by Neta Jackson

If you enjoy series books, I highly recommend Neta Jackson's Yada Yada series and House of Hope series. I completed Who Do I Lean On? about a week ago. It's Book 3 in the House of Hope volumes. I'm now reading Book 4, Who Is My Shelter?

Yada Yada novels center around a group of women who start praying together on a regular basis. The characters cover a broad range of ethnicities and the Chicago setting goes from a penthouse apartment to a homeless shelter. The books were so popular that they spawned Yada Yada Prayer Groups throughout the country.

The House of Hope series has many of the same characters and adds some new ones. The main character, Gabby Fairbanks, lives in luxury but her marriage is strained at best. An encounter with Lucy, a homeless woman, impacts her in ways she couldn't imagine. I'm enjoying her story.

One thing I loved about both these series was the authenticity of the characters. It wouldn't surprise me if I met one of them in person. Gabby with her corkscrew, redheaded curls, Lucy with her shopping cart and knit hat, Jody teaching elementary school by day and a typing class on Saturdays at Manna House, and the rest of the gang all became friends I looked forwarding to catch up with in each book.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I think you'll enjoy following the lives of these folks and watching how God works in their lives.

Disclaimer:  Neither the author nor the publisher requested a favorable review or paid me. All opinions are mine as always.

Writers and Readers:  What makes a series special for you? Characters? Setting? Plot? Please share.

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