Wednesday, April 6, 2016

On My Nightstand - Uncharted by Angela Hunt

Six college friends go their separate ways. Life takes many twists and turns until a tragedy reunites five of them. They're challenged to go on a mission trip, but they get far more than they expected.

I've read numerous books by Angela Hunt and always found them intriguing to say the least. She's not afraid to explore unusual subjects and make her readers dig deep.

I almost bailed out of Uncharted in the beginning, but I hung in there. I'm glad I did. It's a story that highlights what's really important in life and the dire consequences of ignoring our destiny.

Be forewarned, this isn't a warm-fuzzy story. Superb writing and a fascinating treatment of eternal matters earned it 4 Stars in my estimation.

Disclaimer: I didn't receive any payment for this review and had no contact with the author or publisher. All opinions, as usual, are exclusively mine.

Writers:    Have you considered writing about a touchy subject? Please share.

Readers:  How do you feel about books that challenge your thinking?

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Jennifer Brown Banks said...

I have written about "touchy" subjects on my blog, but never in book form.

Unchartered sounds like an interesting read;thanks for sharing!