Friday, April 15, 2016

Blogging Smarter/Subsidiary Rights/God's Not Dead/Social Media/Recipes

1.  Jennifer Slattery guest posts at The Write Conversation on Blogging Smarter by Narrowing Your Scope. If you're already blogging as a fiction writer but want to eventually write non-fiction (or vice versa), how do you build another platform by maintaining the one you've already established?

2. Susan Spann guest posts at Writers in the Storm with Part 2 addressing Subsidiary Rights. Now this may seem like a dull subject, but it's essential when dealing with publishing contracts. What you don't know can cost you big time. I suggest bookmarking this article for future reference.

3. reports on cast members of God's Not Dead speaking out about their faith.

4.  Social Media can eat up a ton of time. Edie Melson, at The Write Conversation, gives 7 Reasons Your Social Media Life Is Busier Than It Should Be.

5.  Jeanette Levellie shared some easy recipes (only 4 ingredients) on her blog around Easter. I thought you might enjoy them.

Writers:  How do you keep social media from eating up all your time?

Readers:  Have you seen any of the recent faith-based movies like God's Not Dead, The War Room, or Risen? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Svilen Mileve


Lynn J Simpson said...

Off to the Social Media link you sent as do need to figure it out, so it doesn't over take writing time! Thanks for all these links Susan. Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lynn. The whole problem of time management keeps writers and non-writers on their toes. I hope the link gave you some ideas. :)