Friday, April 1, 2016

Book Proposals/Characters/Privacy/Devo/Flowers

1.  Book proposals rank at the top of the list for dreaded tasks. (Synopsis writing comes in a close second.) This document tells a publisher all about your book project. Chad R.  Allen wrote a great article on the importance of the content, as well as formatting.

2.  Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author of the Left Behind series, gives tips on how to create unforgettable characters.

3.  Think your home is your castle and the bastion of privacy? Think again. WND reports on how the government may use "smart" home devices to spy on people. (This is based on testimony from our Intel Chief.)

4.  Dena Netherton's devotional reminded me of my crafting days. I loved her analogy and thought you might enjoy it as well.

5.  Spring is my favorite season. Here's a slide show of spring flowers compliments of Better Homes and Gardens.

Writers:  What is your most dreaded writing task? 

Readers:  Which fictional character is your all-time favorite? Why?

Photo Credit:  Maria Amelia Paiava Abrao

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