Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On My Nightstand - The Master's Calling by Amber Schamel

Malon Ben-Tyrus is now an adult and desires freedom from the tyranny of Rome. He's sure Jesus will take his rightful place as ruler. When things don't work out the way he expects, he's devastated. His disappointment is compounded by other troubles, and he wonders if he and his family will survive.

This is the final book in Amber's Series. To get the most out of this novel, you'll want to read the others first. They're all good, but The Master's Calling was my favorite.

The author kept the pace moving along. Each character was well-defined, and I cared about Malon. As in the other books in this series, Amber's setting put me in the story.

The Master's Calling gets a rating of 5 stars.

Writers:  Research is a key part of writing a novel. What resources do you use for your settings or historical details?

Readers: Do you enjoy Biblical Fiction? What are some of the titles you've read?


Amber Lemus said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about The Master's Calling, Susan!I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Biblical Series was Lynn Austin's Kings Chronicles. I learned a lot about the kings in that time period, and by putting the scripture into story format brought the scripture into vivid pictures for me. And made me also dive into His word deeper. Currently for research I have 'raided' a pastor's library! :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Amber,

My pleasure. :)

Hi Lynn,

It's wonderful how a novel can whet your appetite for the Word. Jesus used stories to illustrate truth. Our books can do the same thing.

God bless,