Friday, February 13, 2015

Speaking/Book Signings/Expecting Less

1.  Whether you're a writer, public speaker, or minister, you'll find this article helpful. Chad Allen shares 10 Things Every Public Speaker Should Know.

2.  Have you ever done a bookstore signing? Elaine Marie Cooper guest posts at Seriously Write about how the location of your display can affect your success. What a great idea!

3.  Jeanette Levellie, at Hope Splashes, shares how expecting less of others can keep us happy.

Writers:  Were you surprised by the prime location for a book signing? Have you discovered other areas of a bookstore that work well? Please share.

Readers:  Jeanette's inspiring post touched my heart. She's always got something so applicable to daily life. How do you keep from setting yourself up for disappointment?

Have a blessed weekend!

Photo Credit:  alesia17

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quietspirit said...

I will answer the reader's question on this one. I have to trust the LORD that I have done what is right. Good meals, good notes, good deeds, all start with God.