Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Weekend Thoughts - First Draft/Writing Reviews/Learning Patience

1.  Natasha Lekic guest posts at Positive Writer. When should you stop writing a first draft? A quote from her that hooked me, "Early drafts have a sly way of confounding everyone's expectations, which is what's so marvelous - and frustrating - about the art of writing."

2.  Readers: Is writing a book review intimidating? Zoe McCarthy gives some great tips on the subject. Reviews are important not only to authors, but also to other readers.

3.  Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, wrote a neat devotional piece. I thought you might like it.

Writers:  Have you given up on a manuscript too soon? Please share.

Readers:  Have you ever written a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, of What points do you make when writing a review?

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quietspirit said...

As a writer,I have given up on manuscripts of fiction stories because I find I can't end them well. Another thing I have trouble with is the humdrum day-to -day activities or thoughts of the characters. That's why I have chosen not to write fiction.
As a reader/reviewer, I try to include my impression of the book and to whom I would recommend it. A lot of the books I read are in the spiritual growth catagory. Therefore, most of them I would recommend to either clergy or to someone who feels the need to grow closer to God.