Friday, May 1, 2020

Spark/Fixing It/Virus-Tracking/Joy/Recipe


1.  Barbara Linn Probst posts at Writer Unboxed about The Spark of a Novel. My own spark for The Moses Conspiracy occurred when my late husband and I visited Gettysburg in 2004. I knew the moment was significant, but the spark didn't turn into a flame until August of 2005. Good article.

2.  Grammar problems can trip up a reader and pull them out of the story. Mathina Calliope posts at Jane Friedman's blog on an easy fix a tense problem.

3. Virus-tracking technology is putting privacy at risk. Check out this article at WND.

4.  Edie Melson posts at The Write Conversation about Tapping Into the Power of Creative Joy. I'm reminded of the scripture that tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength.

5.  I've used my Crockpot Express Multi-Cooker (similar to the Instapot) quite a bit. Pot roast comes out yummy and super tender in it. I just found a blog with recipes for the Instapot and Crockpot Express. Justine, at, has a recipe for egg bites that I want to try. I thought I'd share it with you. :)

Writers:  What sparks your creativity either as a novelist or non-fiction writer?

Readers:  Journaling was an important part of maintaining stability during several crises in my life. What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you ever journaled about something you're going through while giving thanks for daily blessings?

Photo Credit:  Penny Mathews

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