Monday, July 22, 2019

On My Nightstand - The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke

The Medallion

After reading all of Cathy Gohlke's novels, I knew The Medallion would be a great story. I was totally unprepared for the effect it had on me.

Based on true events from WWII in Poland, it alternately horrified and inspired me. There's something about hearing of war in abstract terms and quite another thing when the lives of people are highlighted. It reminded me of 9/11 and the individual stories of death and survival.

Throughout the story, Cathy wove in how faith affected the characters' decisions. The escapes from desperate circumstances reflected the hand of God on their lives. In the midst of the worst situations, they made sacrifices to preserve the lives of their fellow man.

The underground went to great lengths to rescue children. Each person did what they could, and together they made an impact that will echo into eternity. Can we do any less than speak out for infants, who modern pharoahs look to exterminate? Can we do any less to protect the elderly, those with disabilities, and those battling serious illnesses?

Five stars.

Disclaimer:  Neither the author nor the publisher paid me for a favorable review. I pre-ordered this book on my own, and all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Writers:  Have you ever written something after being inspired by a true story? How did you discover the story?

Readers:  Has a novel ever moved you to become more involved in a cause? Please share.

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