Monday, July 22, 2019

On My Kindle - And You Came Along - Elaine Stock

And You Came Along by [Stock, Elaine]

After losing her job and being evicted, Jacey and her young son pack up and head for a friend's house. On the way, a blizzard and an accident delay their progress.

Zander is headed to see his family and relocate near them after a horrific on-the-job incident. When he's involved in the crash with Jacey, he worries that his painful injuries will worsen.

A Good Samaritan helps them and urges them to stay in the cabin on his property. As the storm rages outside, Jacey and Zander deal with their own internal storms. Each day, their attraction grows stronger.

They're about to make some big decisions, when a revelation threatens to turn this fairytale romance into a, "no deal."

Elaine Stock does a nice job with her characters and their story. The novella-length makes it a fast read, while the sweet romance is perfect for an afternoon at the beach.

4 Stars for this light romance.

Disclaimer: The author did not pay me for a favorable review. All opinions, as usual, are mine and mine alone.

Writers:  Have you tried writing a novella-length book? What challenges did you encounter?

Readers:  Do you prefer novellas or longer books? Why?

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