Friday, January 11, 2019

Stumped/Red Flags/Homeschool/Devo/Fudge Recipe

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1.  Have you ever been stumped on how to get your character out of trouble? Dr. Richard Mabry shares how he handles this problem. Check out his post at Seriously Write.

2.  Lisa Hall-Wilson gives us red flags for author intrusion in deep pov (point of view). Internal dialogue works only if it feels organic to the reader. This may seem like heavy stuff, but whether you're experienced or a newbie, you can get something out of this article.

3. reported on a Virginia county that wants to repeal a law allowing homeschooling for religious reasons. Homeschool families have long been under attack. This is just another example.

4.  Lynn J. Simpson has a devotional entitled, "Words Richer Than Gold."

5.  When that chocolate craving hits, you might want to pull out this recipe for fudge. Averie Cooks shares an uncomplicated version to satisfy your sweet tooth or treat the kids in your family.

Writers:  Do you ever get your characters into trouble and then wonder how to rescue them? Please share.

Readers:  Do you collect recipes online? Have you tried any of them? Please share your experience.

Photo Credit:  Jesus Manuel Nieto Bobadilla

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