Friday, January 18, 2019

BookBub Ads/Realistic Characters/Child Euthanasia/Devo/Meat Loaf w/Bacon

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1.  For those of you who have a book published either traditionally or Indie, check out Anne Janzer's article on BookBub Ads to support your marketing efforts.

2.  Lori Freeland posts at Writers in The Storm regarding character development in your novel. She gives many tips on how to achieve this and bring your book to life.

3.  WND reports that Canada is embracing a culture of death. They are on the verge of passing laws permitting child euthanasia. They've already fully accepted adult euthanasia. This is where the slippery slope leads - the total devaluing of human life.

4.  Robin Lee Hatcher posts at Seriously Write on how to stay with writing for the long haul. The principles can be applied to any pursuit in life, so it's not a "writer only post." I loved the line where she said every one of her books is a book of her heart. I think you'll like this one.

5.  Brr, winter is here in the Northeast. Looking for some comfort food, I came across this recipe at Real Simple for meatloaf with bacon. It sounds good, and maybe I'll even try this one. (I can't begin to tell you how many recipes I clip and never make!) If you try it, please let me know how it comes out.

Writers:  How do you develop your characters? Do you have lengthy profiles or get to know them as you write? Please share.

Readers: What's more important to you: the characters or the plot? Why?

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quietspirit said...

Susan: I am concerned about the article about the child-euthanasia. A Sunday school teacher compared the ways of the world as a door that is closed but becomes ajar at what seems to be something not a serious breach of God's Law. A bit later, something causes that door to be opened wider. That door becomes opened more and more as time goes by. Until it is opened entirely. I have read of the euthanasia issue being more and more an accepted 'way of doing business' in our world.