Monday, October 22, 2018

On My Kindle - Chasing the Music by Mark Alan Leslie

Chasing the Music by [Leslie, Mark Alan]

Dr. Katherine "Kat"  Cardova, a world-renowned archaeologist, vows to continue the work of a colleague almost killed by a terrorist group. She's desperate to get to the dig where he made a startling discovery, but doesn't have the necessary transportation.

Max Braxton arrives in Israel, hoping to write a book and decide what he wants to do in the future. When Kat approaches him, he agrees to get her to the site. He's intrigued by this stunning redhead and her thirst for adventure.

Neither could imagine the dangers facing them as a terror network targets anyone trying to find the ancient artifact critical to the building of the Third Temple. With the expertise they both possess, their contacts in the Israeli government and military, and God's hand on their search, they weather the most frightening weeks of their lives.

I had to chuckle that I picked up a novel with an archaeological theme. I'd  forgotten what this book was about since I bought it quite a while ago.

The pace of this story was blistering from the get-go. The strong spiritual thread, the budding romance, and the mystery hit all my favorite elements. I'll be looking for more of Mr. Mark Alan  Leslie's books.

I'm giving Chasing the Music five stars.

Disclaimer:  Neither the author nor the publisher paid me for a review (favorable or otherwise). As always, the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Writers: When writing suspense, do you jump right into the action or let it build?

Readers:  When reading suspense, do you like non-stop action or do you want a breather in between?

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