Friday, October 26, 2018

Manuscript Cleaning/How Long?/Archaeology/Devo/Recipe


1. After the dizzying joy of writing, "The End," to a manuscript comes the dreaded task of editing and revising it. Zoe M. McCarthy gives tips for cleaning up your manuscript prior to sending it to a paid editor (which is highly recommended).

2.  Have you ever wondered how long it should take to write a book? Merilyn Simonds tackles this question on Jane Friedman's blog.

3. Breaking Christian News reports on archaeological evidence confirming the location of Biblical Sodom. It's where the Bible says it was.

4. I chuckled over Rhonda Rhea's devotional on The Write Conversation. She talks about God's Spiritual Routine.

5.  OK, so how can I skip into November without a Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread recipe? The answer is, "I can't." Averie Cooks has a yummy version, which she calls, "Accidentally Vegan." For me, it's great because there's no butter and I can use a non-dairy milk. I've printed this one out and hope to make it soon.

Writers:  How long does it take you to write a book (or article)? Please share.

Readers:  What did you take away from Rhonda Rhea's devotional?

Photo Credit:  Justine FG

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