Friday, October 27, 2017

Reading/Writing Tip/Charlie Gard Foundation/Devo/Autumn Scents

1. As writers, we're told to read a wide variety of books. I've wondered on occasion how reading as a writer is different from reading as a reader. Julianna Baggot, at Writer Unboxed, shares some techniques she uses. What do you think of these methods?

2.  Henry McLaughlin, at The Write Conversation, asks, "What Is Your Hero Pursuing?" Sometimes a simple question can clear the cobwebs. This nugget is worth the read.

3. Breaking Christian News reported that Charlie Gard's parents set up a foundation to help other children and parents in the situation they endured. They raised $1.5 million toward taking him to the U.S. for treatment. Unfortunately, a British court ruled the hospital could block their efforts. The constant delays made the chance of recovery fade, and the baby died.

4.  Beth K. Vogt posts at The Write Conversation about, "Stepping Out of the Shadow of Worry."

5. I found that talks about 11 different ways to bring the scents of autumn into your home.

Writers:  Do you consciously try to learn writing techniques by reading books? Please share.

Readers:  What's your favorite scent of fall and why? Is it linked to some childhood memory?

Photo Credit:  Griszka Niewisdomski


quietspirit said...

Susan: When I read I seek to be educated or informed about a topic. This week I finished "The Body" by Charles Colson. I learned facts about the religious communities in Eastern Europe and how they overthrew oppressive governments. I also learned about the cultural issues that the church has become faced with. It sometimes was a difficult read.

Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Not what we read, but HOW we read... that is an interesting thought Susan. I'll chew on it for a while, thanks for sharing.
Autumn smells... wet leaves, crisp air, apple pie, spiced tea.