Friday, March 17, 2017

Settings/Writers Voice/Homeschool/Inspiring/Spring Colors

1.  Zoe McCarthy always pens great writing articles. Setting grounds our characters and gives them a stage on which to perform. Zoe compares real versus fictional settings.

2.  Jennifer Brown Banks gives 6 Vocal Tips to Help Writers Cultivate Voice. Developing our unique sound when writing is a key element to writing success.

3.  WND reported on a homeschool mom convicted for being reckless with her son's education because she missed a non-existent reporting deadline. Ohio actually praised her for the child's achievements. She's not backing down, but fighting the beauracracy.

4.  I had to share this testimony with you. Breaking Christian News tells about a young girl's dream and how it affects her life. She learned a profound truth that went past the mind and gripped the heart.

5.  HGTV shows 2017 Spring Color Combinations. Interesting - I wouldn't have thought about putting some of these together.

Writers:  How did you discover your writer's voice?

Readers:  If you know any authors, do they sound like their writing? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Davide Guglielmo

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Anonymous said...

What a great question Susan, regarding if my writing friends sound like their writing voice. And, I'll have to say yes, they do! I think I am still discovering my writing voice, and may be doing so until I'm home again.