Friday, December 9, 2016

Change/Article Basics/Prayer/Miracles/Unhappy Clutter

1.  Elaine Stock hosts Lisa Lickel on her blog. Lisa talks about how tough change is on us humans. It resonated with me as I was transplanted from one state to another 13 years ago. Her final conclusion made me smile.

2.  If you're into writing novels, have you considered working on some articles? I started out in the non-fiction arena, so this caught my eye. Check out Linda Gilden's tips, at The Write Conversation, on article writing basics.

3.  The United States recently went through one of the most contentious Presidential elections in its history. As a believer, I'm convinced prayer was a key factor. What about now? Can we sit back and relax? This article on Christian Headlines by the late Chuck Colson gives us much to ponder.

4.  I loved this story of a modern-day miracle and thought you might as well.

5.  Unhappy clutter/decor is the subject of a House Beautiful article. You might be surprised at the emotional impact it has on you.

Writers:  Have you considered writing articles in addition to your Great American Novel?
Please share.

Readers:  Do you read books purely for entertainment/escape from reality or have novels made an impact on your life? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Brian Lary

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