Friday, September 30, 2016

Platform Killing/Better Goal/Homeschool/Devo/Thrifting

1.         Are you killing your social media presence? Check out this article by Karen Ball, at Literary Agent Steve Laube's website.

2.         A lot of writers have a goal: Get a publishing contract. Chad Allen gives us a better goal in his recent blog post.

3.         Homeschool parents have long faced opposition. Some in California recently received a letter, saying homeschool was not a legal alternative to public education. Read the story here.

4.         I read a devotional at on What The Power of Praise Can Do. I thought you might enjoy it as well. We're faced with so many difficulties in our personal lives and in the world. It's good to re-focus on God.

5.         Some of my readers love going to thrift stores and yard sales. Like you, I share the passion of the hunt and the unexpected bargains. Check out this blog post by One Little Momma, who gives tips on finding great deals.

Writers:  How do you handle promotion on social media?

Readers:  What was your favorite link today?

Photo Credit:  Trevor Kirpaul

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