Friday, September 23, 2016

Freelance/Writing Opportunities/Global Police/Devo/Purple!

1.         Are you a freelance writer or want to earn a living as a freelancer? Jennifer Brown Banks guest posts at Beyond Your Blog about how to break the Freelance Feast or Famine Cycle.

2.         Beyond Your Blog as a list of 20 Christian websites accepting writing from women.

3.         The Daily Coin reported that Obama and the U.N. announced a global police force to fight extremism in America. This also appeared in The Drudge Report. I remember how an acquaintance scoffed at the idea of U.N. forces in America when he read The Moses Conspiracy. It's not as farfetched as he thought.

4.         Alisa Hope Wagner, at Faith Imagined, gives a verse meditation on Ephesians 5:8.

5.  Susan, at Writing Straight From The Heart, caught my eye with her photos of Breckenridge, Colorado. As a lover of all things purple (well, maybe not black and blues), these gorgeous hanging baskets made me want to run out and buy one.

Writers:  Have you thought about becoming a freelancer? Please share.

Readers:  Which link was your favorite this week? Why?

Photo Credit:  Simon S.

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quietspirit said...

Susan: I loved the pictures of the Colorado flowers.Yes, I have thought of freelancing. Never got very far with it. Thanks for the link to that list of 20 publications. I have part of a manuscript out to some for proof-reading. I've been working on the rest of it, as I have time.