Friday, March 18, 2016

Setting/Publishing Rights/Skinny Genes/News/Clutter Hypocrite

1.  Dena Netherton uses her stage experience to talk about setting in our writing. Her examples are spot on.

2.  Every aspiring writer dreams of getting "the call." While it's an emotional rush after years perfecting our writing, signing a contract is serious business. This advice also apples to self-publishing contracts. Susan Spann guest posts at Writers in the Storm about what rights a publisher really needs.

3.  FRC Action sent me an email entitled, "The Skinny on Genes." (Now, there's a lesson in attention-grabbing headlines.) We've heard a lot about GMO's in relation to our food, but what if they started genetically engineering people?

4.  Writer Unboxed reports on what's new in the digital publishing industry.

5.  Jeanette Levellie writes with her usual tongue-in-cheek style about being a "clutter hypocrite."

Writers:  Do you enjoy creating a stage for your characters? What are some of the things you take into consideration?

Readers:  Do you collect a lot of books? How do you keep any kind of collection from taking over your house?

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