Monday, January 18, 2016

Writer Dehydration

My doctor recently informed me that I needed to drink more water. Even though I didn't feel thirsty, my body was dehydrated. He explained our bodies adjust to what we give them. After I began taking in more water, my thirst level increased. If I didn't get that extra water, it let me know it wasn't happy.

Our creativity can also suffer from dehydration. Yes, we need natural water, but we also require the water of the Word. When I get too busy and slack off - and it happens to all of us - my ability to put words on paper shrinks.

Writers' block isn't pretty.

We might be able to power through it by keeping an idea file, brainstorming with others, or admiring the beauty of nature, but it won't have the same, indefinable quality that makes our work sing. I've read some of my stuff when in that condition, and it's flat and lifeless.

The cure: Go back to the well that never runs dry. God is the One who puts the gift in us as a seed, but we must protect and nurture it.

Writers:  How does a lack of spiritual nourishment impact your creativity? Please share.

Readers: Do you notice a difference in your comprehension/sensitivity to spiritual truths if you become spiritually dehydrated? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Roger Kirby


Karen Lange said...

Good analogy! I have suffered from physical, writing, and spiritual thirst. It's always good to be hydrated in all three respects!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I like that you used water as an example. I too am drinking a lot more water, and now when I take a sip, may it remind me to also take a 'sip' of His word, in gratitude on love. And I agree that creativity is higher when also reflective rather than just going through the motions in busyness.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen -

It's amazing where blog ideas come from, isn't it?

God Bless,
Susan :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Lynn -

How many of us ignore those first signs of thirst? It's interesting that our bodies can survive many days without food, but only a few without water.

Susan :)