Friday, November 27, 2015

Strategy/Social Media/Illegals/Devo/Description

1.  Zoe M. McCarthy examines the subject of, "A Smart Strategy: Let Readers Write Portions of Our Stories." Think about all the obvious details we know about a hospital room and then avoid describing them in your story. She goes on to say that "...too much description kills a readers engagement." Fascinating stuff.

2.  Do you know your Social Media I.Q.? Jennifer Brown Banks summarizes the advantages/drawbacks of several social media platforms.

3.  Rick Marschall, of blog, writes we'll soon be the Illegals.

4.  Susan Panzica, at Eternity Cafe, shares her reflections on Homeward Bound.

5.  Jerry Jenkins talks about why readers skip over crucial parts of our stories.

Writers:  How do you increase readers' interest in your story?

Readers:  Are there parts of a story that you skim over? What are they?

Photo Credit:  xx lawrence


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susan - all useful links .. thank you. I clicked into Jennifer's Social Media IQ - and what she says makes sense ... cheers Hilary

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Thanks Susan, for these goodies. And for the inclusion of my site. :-)