Friday, July 17, 2015


1.  Wendy Paine Miller, at Thoughts That Move, gives some excellent editing tips. Since my first draft on the WIP is almost done, it's a timely post for me.

2.  The Family Research Council responded to a recent Supreme Court decision. If people think Christians are cowering in a corner, they are sadly mistaken.

3.  Chad R. Allen guest posts at Michael Hyatt's blog. Do you know the five reasons publishers love bloggers?

4.  DiAnn Mills guest posts at The Write Conversation about the use and misuse of the Thesaurus - A Treasure Box for Writers.

5.  With scorching summer days upon us, I thought you might like a recipe for a refreshing Cucumber Salad.

Writers:  Do you blog or have you abandoned the practice? What do you find valuable about blogging?

Readers:  What are your favorite topics for blog posts? Interviews? Book reviews?

Photo Credit:  svilen001


Jean Fischer said...

I have two blogs. On "Something to Write Home About" I blog not so much about how to write, but about writing and other topics of interest to writers. On "God is in the Compost Pile" I post a weekly devotional. Blogging is a valuable part of inspiring my creativity. I like challenging myself to find topics that my readers will like and to present them in an easy style that readers will enjoy.
I love your blog, Susan, especially these Friday links.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Thanks for the links and recipe, Susan! Since I have cukes coming out my ears, I will take a look at this one!

I am down to once a week on my blog; I find my posts are more succinct and relevant that way, and I don't spend all my spare time blogging.


Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks for the links! I haven't abandoned blogging, but I have slowed my posts and my visiting to a snail pace. I discovered that I think I have the same blog "traffic" and possibly more with only one or two posts a week instead of three a week.