Friday, July 3, 2015

Dialogue/Guest Posts/Sovereignty/Blog Titles/Twitter

1.  Art Holcomb guest posts on Storyfix about writing dialogue. This is an excellent article and a key element in novels.

2.  Have you tried doing guest posts for other blogs? It can be a rewarding experience. Shanan, at The Procrastiwriter, gives tips on how to pitch a guest post. Once you have a book on the market, guest posting is a great way to promote your work.

3.  WND reports on a trade deal now being considered by Congress that would put the sovereignty of the United States in grave jeopardy.

4.  Attention Bloggers! Zoe M. McCarthy gives us four resources to help us become awesome at creating blog titles.

5.  Brian Collins guest posts on Positive Writer. He hands out some secrets about Twitter that will help you navigate that social media platform.

Writers:  What's your biggest challenge when writing: dialogue, setting, or story tension? If it's something else, feel free to comment on that as well.

Readers/Bloggers:  How do you come up with your blog titles?

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Jeanette Levellie said...

Blog titles are challenging--you want to grab the readers' and search engines' attention without promising more than you can deliver.

I try to answer a who? why? what? when? or how? question. This gives readers a hint as to the take away value of the post. I also try to keep with the theme of my blog--Hope.

Thanks for all these links!