Friday, May 29, 2015

Book Spine/Turning Points/Urban Legends/Journaling/Photos

1.  I came across an interesting article on Publisher's Weekly: Judging a Book By Its Spine. We're so focused on the front cover that we forget it's the spine that readers see when our books are crammed on the shelf.

2.  Susan May Warren guest posts at The Write Conversation. She talks about building powerful turning points in a novel.

3.  Once relegated to urban legend status, military exercises to prepare for martial law are creating a stir among members of Congress. Check out this article.

4.  I'm big into journaling. It's like pressing the "Start Button" for my creative side. Jennifer Brown Banks, at Pen and Prosper, talks about the joys of journaling in this blog post.

5.  Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, loves writing and photography. These photos captured my attention. Enjoy!

Writers:  What techniques do you use to press the "Start Button" on your creativity?

Readers:  What influences you more in purchasing books:  The book cover or the author? Please share.

Photo Credit:  clshearin

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