Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Changes I'm Making in the New Year

Christmas preparations are in full swing. This year, I got a late start due to some major life events - Mom needing extra care, purchasing a car, a family wedding, and plumbing woes for starters. Some of the lessons I learned this year include:

1.  Get.It.Done.Now.  While I'm not usually a major procrastinator, this year I wasn't as disciplined and paid for it. Now, I'm playing catch up.

2.  I learned I need some space to refresh and re-group. I said "no" to several projects, and it paid off big time when life hit.

3.  Making random notes of interesting facts, comments, ideas, and news bits gave me material for blog posts and scenes in my latest book.

4.  Buy Christmas/holiday gifts throughout the year. I wish I'd done more of this. I wouldn't be fighting the crowds and traffic now.

5.  I could have carved out more writing time if I'd developed a better schedule. Social Media will be restricted to specific time periods. I love Facebook, but it nearly ate me alive this year.

Writers and Readers:  What changes are you making to your schedule in the New Year?

Photo Credit:  parylo00


Karen Lange said...

Like you, I am rethinking social media and working to streamline the whole deal. Working on being more disciplined with writing time too. Thanks for the extra motivation! :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Well all of these things sound terrific, and I always start out with good intentions, but often get led astray by social media, too. Wishing you happiness and peace this Christmas Season.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susan .. sorry about your mother's extra needs - just so essential to help them along the last part of their lives. My mother was always giving me good advice lying in her Nursing Centre bed .. don't procrastinate darling - go and get it done .. and similar ... I'd laugh - I don't think she knew how tired I was ... but she did know I was a huge help - that's enough ...

But it's funny hearing someone give you wise advice in those times .. I am now trying to catch up and stay one step ahead ... I'm getting there finally!

I'm sure FB and TW don't help hugely ... Cheers Hilary