Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Ways to Find Your Audience

Whether you're writing non-fiction or fiction, blogging, or selling cars, you need to find people who are interested in your specialty. I've come up with five tips to help you connect with your audience:

1.  Hang out where they congregate. Social media is a great place, but it's also a HUGE place. Facebook and Goodreads have interest-specific groups that can connect you with your peeps.

My cousin crafts handmade glass beads. She posts on groups that cater to this audience. I don't join those because readers want to find books and interact with their favorite authors. So, I belong to Christian Authors and Christian Authors and Writers (and many others).

2.  Identify your niche and seek connection with those who have similar interests. This may seem like a rehash of #1, but narrows it down even more. Does this mean you can't be friends with writers from a different genre? Of course not, but you'll find more support and practical guidelines within your own group.

3.  Book Clubs. My local library has various groups that meet to discuss all sorts of topics from gardening to Shakespeare. They also have a writers group and occasionally host a local authors night. Check out what your public library offers in the way of activities. You could find your audience in your own backyard.

4.  Book Signings. I recently had a table at a local event. The readers I met asked wonderful questions like, "what inspired you to write this book?" Be prepared to engage those who approach you in conversation. Another person shared her enthusiasm for a particular book. I was able to suggest another title she might enjoy. She was so excited that she purchased one of my books and said she'd pick up the others online.

5.  Speaking Engagements. This one is still on my to-do list. It can also take the form of teaching a class at Adult Education, a Senior Citizen group, or online. One of my friends (Hi, Karen!) teaches online classes for teens. Another friend (Hi, Jen!) has a singing/speaking ministry.

If people perceive you're an expert on a subject or they like your presentation, they'll often ask about your website or the books you've written.

Writers and Readers:  How do you connect with like-minded people? Please share.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susan - great ideas here and there are so many ways of finding our audiences ... cheers Hilary

Jean Fischer said...

Great post, Susan!

Karen Lange said...

Hi Susan! :) These are great tips. I need to give them consideration in light on my newest book. Plus, there are always new groups forming on social media, etc. that can hit the mark for us as well.

Thanks for the shout out!