Monday, June 23, 2014

Redeeming the Time

I've been thinking a lot about Methuselah lately. You know, the oldest guy who ever lived? He was 969 years old when he died.

His name had a special meaning: When this child dies, the flood will come. As he grew older and older, I'm sure his great, great, great grandkids checked up on him to make sure he was still alive.

Even though he lived a long time, he still reached the end of his life on earth. I can imagine a conversation he might have had with one or more of those young whippersnappers. "You know, Noah, it seems like yesterday I was a youthful 200! Time sure does move fast."

We're so busy these days that it seems like we're either getting up or going to bed with little in between. Maybe it's time to slow down, to consider where and how we spend the most precious, non-renewable resource we have: our time.

God's Word tells us to redeem the time for the days are evil. The emphasis is always on God, family, and work, with specific times of rest and play factored into the equation. Everything's been turned upside down with leisure becoming the ultimate goal in life for many folks.

How this looks for each of us within God's parameters will vary. It's something I'm considering as new demands for my limited time surface.

Writers and readers: How do you prioritize your time? Please share.

Photo Credit:  gilsworth


Karen Lange said...

I am always refining my priorities with this idea in mind. Aiming to do better, have much to get done this week! :)

quietspirit said...

Susan: I have a difficult time with prioritizing this gift of time. If I had even a part-time job, I would be in more trouble with the time issue.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I ask myself, 'If I only had time to do ONE thing, what would I do?" Or I pray and ask God to show me what to do.