Friday, September 6, 2013

Hitting The Trail

With the weekend approaching, I'm ready to hit the blog trail. Why don't you join me? I'd love some company.

1.  Brian Hutchinson, at Positive Writer, talks about the biggest mistake some bloggers make and steps to correct it (or avoid it).

2.  Multi-published author, Jane Kirkpatrick, guests posts at Seriously Write. You can produce a yield (harvest) in your writing life even before publication. Every day can be special.

3.  Laura Christianson, at Blogging Bistro, gives detailed instructions on how to embed a Facebook update on your blog.

Another great hike around the Net! I hope you enjoyed it.

Writers and Readers:  What types of blogs would you like to see featured here? Writing tips? How-to's? Social media? Devotional? Book Review? This blog is about you and what you enjoy!\

Photo Credit: nkzs


Jean Fischer said...

Thanks for the links, Susan. The Blogging Bistro was of particular interest to me. You know how I love reading about the twists and turns in social media and what's new in cyberspace.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jean -

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. There are some great tips on social media out there.

Susan :)