Friday, April 5, 2013

On My Kindle - Providence: Once Upon A Second Chance

Jack Clayton's publisher pressures him to write a memoir, but he's not ready to face the skeletons in his closet. Although he's done amazing things in the ministry and produced a best-selling book, the past keeps him in chains.

He finally agrees to write his story, and God brings people across his path with wise counsel, love, and forgiveness. Yet, he knows parts of his life can never be transformed. His one true love is married to another man.

I loved. No Loved. Absolutely LOVED this book. Chris Coppernoll had me totally engaged in this story from page 1. Not only are the characters believable, but the the nuggets they shared made me think of situations in my own life.

I got this book free for my Kindle, but I'm going to purchase a print copy. Providence: Once Upon A Second Chance is too good not to share with others.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor the publisher provided any payment to recommend this book. All opinions expressed here are mine and given without reservation.

Writers:  Do you enjoy books where the main character is a writer? Why?

Readers:  Do novels ever grab your heart and make you think about issues in your life? Please share if you feel comfortable.

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Karen Lange said...

Wow, what a recommendation! I may have to check this one out. :) Thanks for the review!

Happy weekend,

quietspirit said...

Sounds like a good book. I'm not sure if I have ever read a book where the main character was a writer. I must do a search to find some.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - Have a great weekend!

Hi Quiet Spirit - The Novelist by Angela Hunt and one of Tamara Leigh's books are about writers. Movie: Finding Forrester

Susan :)