Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Round-Up - #222

James L. Rubart is one of my favorite authors. Recently, he guest posted at Novel Rocket, and shared where he gets ideas for his books.

Writers: Have you figured out where your ideas come from? Please share.

Readers: Do you have story ideas that you'd wish an author would put into a book? Please share.

Have a blessed weekend!


Chatty Crone said...

You have a blessed weekend too. sandie

Anonymous said...

As a believer, I believe the Holy Spirit alerts my attention to an event, a subject, or someone's story that needs to be shared. As a reader, I am not sure of a story I would like to see written. And it may be out there already but I have just not found it yet. There are many, many books I have not read yet!

Jean Fischer said...

I agree with Lynn that the Holy Spirit leads my writing ideas. I get them most often just before I fall asleep at night, and then I have to get up and jot them down. I'm thinking that I need a small voice-activated recorder to keep on my nightstand.

Carol Garvin said...

My ideas don't start out as ideas. I get these mental pictures of someone, usually just before I fall asleep, or when I'm daydreaming. They're vague but recurring and I begin wondering who it is, what is he/she doing, where is it happening, and why. Some stories I've started writing before I know the answer to the questions, and the answers come as I need them. Other times I let the images percolate along with a few "what if" questions until a story emerges. I'll have to go check out James Rubart's approach.

I've been thinking about your previous post, Susan, and wondering if it's a mistake not to slot in writing time on your daily lists. Even if you are without an idea, perhaps you need to give yourself that time to just sit and daydream a bit... or walk and daydream... to give potential ideas time to surface.

Terri Tiffany said...

I have trouble finding my ideas! The worst thing for a writer--usually they come from real life.

Nancy said...

That tree house is so beautiful. I'd love to stay there sometime.

I get a lot of my ideas from the past. I love the 50s so I set a few of my stories in that era. The ideas come for a character, a setting, a situation - almost anything.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Sandie - Thanks!

Hi Lynn - Most of my stories have come from a little poke by the Holy Spirit.

Hi Jean - My ideas also seem to come when I'm either falling asleep or waking up.

Hi Carol - Thank you. You're right. If I don't put it on paper, it could become out of sight, out of mind.

Hi Terri - I'm fascinated by history, and how certain actions bring on unpleasant/pleasant consequences.

Hi Nancy - I've had an idea or two about writing something from the '50's. There's enough material around to research: classic TV programs, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Susan :)

Diane Estrella said...

Will head over and check him out. Have a blessed holiday! :O)

Jeanette Levellie said...

I love James' Rubart, too. I met him at a writers conference this year, and he is a warm, caring person.

My ideas pop into my brain like shooting stars. I have to catch them before they disappear behind the horizon!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Diane - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Jen - I know about those disappearing ideas. I did catch one last night and wrote it in my journal. :)