Monday, August 13, 2012

Floating Along

Growing up, we had a small pool in the backyard. A tube provided lots of daydreaming possibilities. I would imagine myself arriving on a tiny island or as a grown-up with a family of my own. Maybe I'd be a Candy Striper, volunteering in a hospital or become a nurse.

Once I got out of the pool, I put feet to my dreams. I investigated hospitals with Candy Striper programs, but the only one was too far away from my house. After research into the nursing profession, my interest waned. 

Some of our dreams have little substance. They're passing fancies that flit into our minds like a butterfly and then float away. Others imbed themselves in our hearts and never let go.

Like writing.

Like ministry.

Like family.

Have you put feet to your dreams and explored whether they're a flighty idea or a God-breathed pathway?

Writers: What were some of your ideas that didn't pan out? How did you decide they weren't for you?

Readers: How did you find your life path?


JD said...

Yes, I've put feet to my dreams. My eye has been on the ball for so long that I hear all the time to "learn to relax." But until I discover the viability of a goal, I can't relax, you know? Relaxation comes, for me, when I root out whether my dream is fleeting or something that truly fits into my life.

As for ideas that didn't pan out, I headed in a professional direction for many years that brought me professional success yet emotional turmoil. I decided that idea wasn't for me when I envisioned myself giving my two-weeks notice, and felt this sudden joy wash over me at the very thought of it. But, alas, Susan, I thank God I chose that professional direction first because I met my husband as a result! :-)

Thanks for asking!

Blessings to you and yours,

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Still finding it that's for sure.

But yes, I test my dreams and often they test me.
~ Wendy

Karen Lange said...

These are good questions. Have been praying along these lines recently. Glad you shared. :)


Sarah Forgrave said...

I once dreamed of being a candy striper too, Susan, which was part of my dream of being a nurse. That dream died in biology class when we did our first dissection, LOL.

Happy Monday!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Janette - Sometimes a direction isn't lifelong, but for a season. You and your hubby needed to meet. :)

Hi Wendy - I like that, "But yes, I test my dreams and often they test me."

Hi Karen - Yes, so have I. :)

Hi Sarah - Dreams held up to the cold light of reality often die. Nursing didn't make the cut with me.


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

I have learned from John C. Maxwell that dreams without a strategy are just wishes... they won't come true unless we put our hand to the plow.
The non profit that we started a year ago is certainly one of our dreams come true... and the publishing of my books as well. This week my first bible study book will be published in Holland. It consists of 12 columns that I wrote for a Christian magazine and I have added study questions and discussion starters for groups. This was really a dream I had for a long time, since I have a desire to see people ick up the Bible again!

Jessica Nelson said...

For me, practicality and my husband. He has a lot of wisdom and say in things I do.
Great analogy, Susan!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Marja - I've read some of John Maxwell's books and heard him on TV. He gives excellent advice. I remember that quote. :)

Hi Jess - My late husband always gave practical advice. I sure miss running things by him.


Jean Fischer said...

I had planned to be a teacher, and then in my last year of college, I discovered children's literature. That led to a dream of using my God-given writing skills to write for children. I put feet to my dream and landed a job with a large publishing house. The rest is history--I've worked as a writer for more than 30 years.

God has a plan for each of us, and He knows the way to lead us down the path of His dream for our future.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed being a Candy Striper when I was in high school, although I never really considered nursing as a career. I've thought about returning to work over the past few years (since my daughter graduated from high school), but I really feel the Lord has me writing for a reason. This post was an encouragement today! God bless~

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jean - You are a teacher, but in a different venue. :)

Hi Maria - It's wonderful you can stay home and fully pursue writing. Many people don't realize how much work our craft demands.