Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Author Interview - Patti Lacy - Part 2 - AND GIVEAWAY

Multi-published author, Patti Lacy, is back for Part 2 of our interview. Let's get right into the questions and answers.

5. Patti, we'd love to hear a little about your writing journey.

After a court reporting career, I  returned to the teaching roots established by an education degree from Baylor and my teacher  parents and taught Humanities at a community college. In 2005, God whispered for me to write the story of my best friend, a brave Irishwoman who was banished from her beloved cliffs of County Clare, Ireland, when she was only five years old. Kregel Publications published that first story, An Irishwoman's Tale, and ever since, I've been consumed by the passion to write.

God gifts me real-life stories that capture my heart (two little girls, separated by racism and a chain link fence; a mother, taking a first...and perhaps ride with her baby boy; sisters, separated by seas and secrets and an insidious disease). Using the tenets of Colossians 3:23, I do my best to capture His gifts in novels. With His  provision, I will write.

6. I noticed you use flashbacks. What's the key to working them in without slowing the action?

So you noticed, did you? :) Some folks would argue that I succeed with my flashbacks. Just check out my Amazon reviews! Since my youth, I've loved framed stories and adore parallel actions. Accordingly, I write that way but certainly cannot speak to keys to "working them in."

As an aside, my two WIPs have NO flashbacks. It's kinda fun, anticipating new challenges!!! Y'all know there are ALWAYS challenges!

7.  Do you have any advice for those of us seeking publication?

Write for the Audience of One. He will provide the only "outline" for an often lonely, dispiriting, and arduous career path.

8.  Last but not least, what projects do you have in the pipeline? I'm looking forward to more Patti Lacy books.

Susan, thank you for your tireless support and your prayers. Especially your prayers!! Right now my agent, Natasha Kern, is shopping a series, "Life in Normal," especially the first book, Below Normal. What happens when the dreams...and despair...of a bereaved widow and a sassy grocery store bagger collide and their lives jump out of their "Normal" ruts? Yep, this series is set in my hometown, Normal, Illinois!!!

God, showing His humor, has inspired me through the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Team of Rivals, to consider a Civil War romance. I know, I can't believe it, either. Hang on, readers!!!!

Thanks, Susan, I loved chatting with your folks!!!!

Thank you, Patti, for sharing your path to publication.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Patti has offered to do a giveaway of her book, "Reclaiming Lily!" Here are the rules:

1) The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only.

2) Leave a comment on this post with your email address. No email = no entry.

3) The winner will be drawn on Sunday, January 29th and notified via email. An announcement will be made on the blog.

4) For complete details, see the giveaway post from last week (Thursday).

Disclaimer: I did not receive any remuneration for this interview or the giveaway from the author or the publisher.

Writers: What did you glean from Patti's answers for your own writing journey?

Readers: What part of the interview surprised or made you stand up and take notice?


Karen Lange said...

Great interview! Thanks, ladies. I love hearing more about what makes Patti tick. :)

patti lacy said...

Karen, you are a peach! Thanks!!

Jeanette Levellie said...

I am going to pray that God opens doors for Below Normal; I believe it's a story that needs to be told.

Civil War is a great era to write about, Patti! It's my fave part of U.S. History. Write on!

Love you,

Loree Huebner said...

I write Civil War - romance and fiction. A great topic!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - Thanks! Wait until you read her book. :)

Hi Patti - Nice to see you. I put two notes on Facebook and one on Twitter.

Hi Jen - I'm sure Patti appreciates your prayers.

Hi Loree - You and Patti have something in common. :)

Linda O'Connell said...

These books sound delightful, especially the NORMAL series. I am always inspired when I read about other writers' successes. Thanks for sharing.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Linda -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I'm looking forward to the new series as well.

Susan :)

patti lacy said...

Linda, thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate you stopping by!

patti lacy said...

Loree, how did I miss your note???
Wow! Will have to check out some of your ideas! Jeanette, THANKS!!! And I love the nudge back in time as well!!!

JD said...
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JD said...

I love writer interviews. It's Interesting to learn where people draw their inspiration, and what background they come from professionally and personally. How fascinating that Patti went from working as a court reporter and then a teacher, and then God whispered in her ear to write, as she mentions!

Would love to enter the contest: writerjanettedolores (at) gmail (.) com.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Janette -

Yes, I'm sure those professions helped shape Patti as a writer.

Our experiences and relationships leave a lasting imprint and enriches our writing. When I attempted a book as a 10-year-old, I didn't have the same insights I have today.

Susan :)

patti lacy said...

Janette, thanks for taking the time to read my bio!!! That court reporting career was something else...

Thank YOU, Susan, for allowing me to settle in at your place. Thank you more for your prayer mails and your time at the foot of the cross.
Blessings, dear one.