Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Round-Up - #25

I hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Mom and I traveled to New England and spent the day with friends. Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions?

The retail community looks forward to the day after Thanksgiving as the kick-off to the Christmas spending season. With the troubled economy, have you cut back this year? My friends and I decided not to exchange gifts. Instead, the focus is more on sharing the love of family and the true meaning of Christmas. Mom and I are exchanging, but are purchasing practical gifts.

I'm reading four books at the moment. The only problem is deciding which one to pick up at any given time, especially when they're all page-turners. LOL!

Woohoo! Watch for Monday's post. I've decided to do a, "No-Strings-Attached Book Drawing." It's my Christmas gift to you, my loyal readers. I will not be advertising this contest on other blogs, so you have a better chance of winning.

Have a great weekend!


Jessica Nelson said...

We're cutting back. My hubbys a realtor and I'm a stay at home mommy, so you can imagine our finances. LOL
But God has blessed us despite things, so while we're cutting back at least we can afford to still celebrate with gifts. :-)
But yes, the budget is smaller.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jessica -

As an honorary auntie to 6 adorable kids all under the age of 8, I couldn't bring myself to stop the gift giving entirely. Today, I stopped in at our local Christian bookstore. Each of the kiddos are getting a book.

It's tough. In better times, I loved to go a bit crazy at Christmas. I now have to put more thought and creativity into the process to make up for a smaller budget.

Susan :)

Crystal Laine said...

Please don't enter me into the book drawing! LOL. But I had to say how I understand about the practical gifts this year (us, too) and also about reading so many books! I have a huge stack of books I would love to get to and trying to decide which ones to pick up once I do.

Ah, a woman who is my kindred spirit--giving books. You are truly a gem. My aunt gave me a book when I was small and I still have it. It was a Golden book about the 10 Commandments. She's gone now, but I still treasure both the ideas and her.

Blessings to you.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

When I was shopping for my nieces and nephews yesterday, I came across a Little Golden book called, "Nurse Nancy." I had that book as a child. It sure brought back pleasant memories.

Susan :)

quietspirit said...

We are retired. Hubby worked in the Auto Industry for 30 years. YES, we are cutting back. But we haven't lived extravegantly. Please pray for us. We aren't certain about anything except God and His love.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Quiet Spirit -

These are tough times and highlight the wisdom of avoiding debt.

I can relate to the difficulties. It's frustrating looking for work in this market. I'm thankful to the Lord for taking care of me. I continually have to remind myself that He's my source.

Susan :)